Rose Petals and Bubbles
A festive recessional for the new bride and groom with the fun of various colored rose petals thrown at their feet, and their attendants, family, and friends blowing bubbles in honor of their marriage.

Rose Petals and Bubbles

Richie and Melissa
A very loving couple at their long-awaited wedding

Richie and Melissa at their long awaited wedding

Aug. 29, 1999 at Woodlake Pavilion
The Pavilion is an amphitheatre beside a beautiful reservoir with a covered picnic shelter at the top of a small hill. It was a beautiful and very hot day during August. As the mother of the groom, I didn't know whether I was going to cry or pass out from the extreme heat. Several hurricanes had been coming and going at that time, therefore a beautiful day was really a miracle. "Dennis" had just left lots of rain and honeymoon plans had to be changed because of the coming of "Floyd", which also left lots of rain and flooding.

These are some of the pictures taken that day of the wedding.


We were so sad when Melissa passed away on February 20, 2013, 3 days after her 40th birthday, leaving her husband, Richie and a young 10 year son, Brodie. She was a precious daughter-in-law to me. The cause of her sudden death was a blood clot to the lung. Click here to see her Obituary.

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The Wedding of Richie and Melissa