8 chicken breasts, skinned and boned
8 slices bacon
1 (4 oz.) pkg. dried beef
1 c. mushroom soup
1 c. sour cream
2/3 c. Parmesan cheese, grated

Wrap each breast with bacon. Cover bottom of greased baking dish (12x8x2 inches) with dried beef. Arrange chicken on top of beef. Mix soup and sour cream; pour over all. Bake, uncovered at 275 degrees for 3 hours. After 2 ½ hours, sprinkle cheese on top of casserole. Serves 8.

This recipe is easy to use when time does not allow a lot of attention to what’s cooking.

I found this recipe in my favorite church cookbook. This recipe is also included in the Pirate House Cookbook from Savannah, Georgia. It suggests that unless you are a real salt lover to soak the dried beef in water for a few minutes to get rid of some of the saltiness.


1 large jar chipped beef
1 lb. bacon
1 can mushroom soup
½ c. sour cream

Every time we ask the children what they would like for us to have for a special occasion dinner, this is the main dish that seems to be their first choice. Although it takes a while to cook, it’s really not hard to make. I can’t say that it’s not rich though, but it is “melt-in-your-mouth” GOOD! Enjoy!!