Stuffed Cabbage

Cabbage – core and boil until tender enough to roll.


Rice – Cook 1 ½ cups rice and cool.


Meat Mixture:

Mix together:   1 egg

                        1 pound hamburger

                        1 pound pork sausage

                        ¾ cup onion

                        ½ cup celery

                        salt & pepper to taste

                        Add cooked rice

 (The meat mixture could also be used to stuff green peppers.)

Roll meat mixture into balls and wrap each in a cabbage leaf.


Mix together 1 large can tomato sauce and ½ cup water.


Cook for 1 hour in big sauce pan. (I think it would work just as well to cook it slowly in a crock pot for about 6-8 hours.)


This is an old family recipe given to me from a friend who served this at her daughter’s wedding. Afterward they gave me the recipe.