Last updated on November 22, 2016

I noticed a closet in the corner of my heart,
The smallest I’d ever seen.
So I painted the door with flowers and bows
And made sure it was always clean.

I never allowed anyone to open it.
Even I wasn’t sure what was inside.
Until one day God was searching my heart,
And He threw the door open wide.

He began to sort out all the items He found,
And made two piles of sin and tears.
I was shocked at how full that closet was
With things I had stored up for years.

I started to weep as He handed me
Some memories that I had to face,
But He assured me that I would be alright
As He covered each one with His grace.

When I repented He took the piles
And crushed them in His hand.
It seemed like the pieces just blew away
Like the wind blowing the sand.

The empty space now was filled with His love,
Yet I sensed there was something more.
And I watched with much disappointment
As I saw Him tear down my nice door.

“But Why?” I protested, “it’s so pretty and clean,
I can keep your love safe there to stay.”
“It’s not just for you,” He reminded,
“I want you to give it away.”

“For I have begun this good work in you
And will be faithful to the end,
Because I want your heart to be ready
For the harvest I’m going to send.”


*Author Unknown*