Gene 1999 "Breathless" doll - $80


At the premiere, the cub reporter called, "How are you tonight, Miss Marshall?" "Breathless!" she replied, Breathless - photopausing to pose. Breathless is a beautiful strapless evening gown of powder blue satin, Hand embellished with beads, stars, "pearls", and metallic embroidery. Includes a beaded azure shawl, "pearl necklace and earrings, golden mesh shoes, hose. Blonde doll with costume and and custom stand. Circa 1956." "Gene Marshall Collection, "Breathless" costume designed by Stephanie Bruner, a winner of the Young Designers Of America Student Competition. Gene is created by artist Mel Odom and produced for Ashton-Drake Galleries. Gene is a 15 1/2" tall poseable doll made of collector quality vinyl with hand painted features. Each Gene doll is hand numbered (3729) and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Retail $100.00. Brand new in original box."

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