Crocheted Cross Bookmark

My mother made this bookmark for me years ago. Between her and me, we figured out the pattern from the old bookmark. I hope there are no mistakes but if you do find one, please let me know so that I can correct it. It´s beautiful and I´ve always loved it. I hope you will love it too.

Crochet cotton (doily weight) – Color A, Color B, or all one color
Crochet hook – Steel # 3 for large, Steel # 12 for small.

(I use #3 steel crochet hook with #10 size crochet cotton.)

Color A – White or a variegated color thread
Color B – Red or one of the colors in the variegated color thread for contrast

Alternately use all one color or just the variegated color thread throughout.

Abbreviations used:
SC – Single Crochet
DC – Double Crochet
TC – Triple Crochet
* … * – Shell Pattern Row

Ch – Chain
C3S – Space made between Shell pattern and either chain 3 or 1 Triple Crochet.
SP – Shell Pattern (3 DC, Ch 2, 3 DC) – in loop or Ch. 2 space.
Picot – Ch. 3, Slip Stitch in 3rd ch from hook.
SS – Slip Stitch
PP – Picot Pattern (SC, picot, SC) in space (Ch 3 or TC).

With Color A, Ch 3, SS in 3rd chain from hook.
* Chain 3. Turn. SP (in loop just made by the SS in 3rd chain from hook), 1 TC (in loop created by the chain 3 space before the turn) * (Between *…* = Row 1)
Do 13 SP rows in total. Fasten off.

[With Color A, attach in 9th open chain between shell rows.
Do 3 SP rows.
Fasten off.]

On opposite side repeat from [ to ].

With Color B, SS into beginning Ch. 3 space.
Ch. 2.
SS into same beginning Ch. 3 space.
Ch. 1, turn.
5 SC in loop just made.
In next Ch. 3 space, do Picot Pattern.
In next 7 Ch. 3 spaces, Picot Pattern.
*In next space – SC, Picot. SC in next Space.
In next 2 spaces – picot pattern.
Picot pattern in middle St. of 3 DC group.
Picot pattern in Ch. 2 space.
Picot pattern in middle stitch of next 3 DC group.
Picot pattern in next 2 spaces *
Repeat from * to * twice.
In next space – SC, picot.
SC in next space.
Picot pattern in next 7-8 spaces.

(If needed for last ch 3 space, DC into beginning loop at bottom then do picot pattern in space just created.)
SS into beginning loop.
SS into 1st SC.
Fasten off.

With Color B, SS into Picot at top of cross, leaving about ½" extra thread.
With both threads, ch. About 3".
SS in 4th ch. From hook.
Through this loop, put about ten 3" threads.
Fold & Use 1 3" thread to tie around tassel.

God bless you with much love in Christ.