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Date updated: March 16, 2010

Current Project

Cathedral Rose Window Afghan Design by Julene Watson, chart from Annie's Attic, crocheted and put together like a puzzle in "granny square" fashion to look like a circular stained glass window. I changed the color scheme to go with my family room. This is the picture from the pattern. I will put a picture of my finished project when I get it completed. For my colors I choose Mexicana, Burgundy, Green, and Black. Cathedral Rose Window Afghan

Recently Finished Project 2008

Jesus Knocking at the Door

from painting "Christ At Heart's Door" by Warner Sallman

Counted Cross Stitch Pattern distributed by Leisure Arts

Rev 3:20
20 Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

Invite Jesus Christ to come into your heart today.

This project took at least 9 months to complete.

Jesus at the Door

Projects for 2007

Jesus Knocking at the Door

Counted Cross Stitch Kit by "Plaid" Bucilla, adapted from a painting by Heinrich Holmann

Pattern reproduced under license by The Riverside Church of New York

Pattern designed by Linda Gillum

This project took well over 6 months to complete. There was a lot of detail.

Jesus Christ at 33
My Fair Lady Dress for Madame Alexander Cissy - Replica of the My Fair Lady ballgown Eliza Doolittle wore to the Embassy Ball. This dress was intricately beaded. I traced the beading pattern onto tissue paper and then sewed the beading onto to the fabric through the paper. After I was finished doing the beading, I torn the tissue paper off carefully and that left the finished beaded project. This project took about 3 months to complete. I bought the Cissy doll and all her jewelry on Ebay separately and then redressed this doll as "My Fair Lady". I have no idea which Cissy doll she started out being, but now she is "My Fair Lady" and one of my favorite dolls. The crystals used on the dress were Swarovski. Also the jewelry used Swarovski crystals. My Fair Lady replica


Patterns from my mother

Pattern Name Link Description Pictures
Crochet Cross Bookmark http://cynthiasmithdeal.com/hobbies/CrochetCrossBkmrk.htm Pattern designed by my mother from bookmark she made for me when I was a child.  
Crafts Baby Harlequin Afghan Pattern http://cynthiasmithdeal.com/hobbies/BbyHarlqnAfg.htm This pattern was used by my mother to make my favorite afghan. It looks like a red and white checkerboard. She made others in other color combinations. I am currently working on the original color combination for a baby afghan. It's done in the afghan stitch throughout.  


More of My Favorite Patterns

Pattern Name Link Description Pictures
Crocheted Hat Pattern



I've done many of these hats. I gave my sister, Julie, one of these hats and she has since made many of these hats also and sold many in an annual craft show.  
Coming soon - Crocheted Tree Skirt Pattern



This is from an circular zizzag afghan style crocheted tree skirt that I did many years ago. Along the way I lost the pattern. My sister, Julie, wanted to do one of these tree skirts and figured out the pattern and wrote it down. When I get it from her, I will include the pattern here. When I do I will give the original color combination and the alternate color combination Julie figured out.