2063 – Madame Alexander “Godey” with Coco face 1966 only

This Coco face and body was only used by the Madame Alexander company for this model in 1966 only and never used again. She is outfitted in the most lavish Victorian-style costume. She has blue sleep eyes, mohair lashes,'signature' painted side lashes, and full closed lips in a "Mona Lisa" smile. Her blond hair is styled in thick ringlet curls. The lady body is unique also to this 1966 Coco model with its swivel waist, long legs with one knee bent in a fashion model stance, and flat-soled feet is also unique to this doll. Both doll and tagged clothing have excellent color. Coco's elaborate "Godey Lady" taffeta gown boasts a very full skirt and fitted black velveteen jacket; beautifully patterned lace adorns the cuffs. Her tulle-trimmed bonnet has red millinery roses, velvet bow, and ribbon ties. Double petticoats, panties, stockings, and black velvet shoes complete her costume. Coco is often priced at 2000 or more and is extremely rare.